Addiction Treatment in Florida

Olympic Behavioral Health’s outstanding patient care and dedication ensures satisfaction.

Olympic Behavioral Health offers exceptional outpatient care for those struggling with substance use disorders.


Overcome addiction with our family support system, and regain control of your life! Our program empowers you with the guidance you need.


Olympic Behavioral Health offers leading-edge addiction treatment through our compassionate team and robust clinical programs. Our therapeutic approach empowers clients with their best chance to overcome alcohol or drug dependence. We help establish a supportive, collaborative community to achieve sustainable long-term recovery.

Our center ensures comprehensive, personalized care by maintaining a 1:1 client-to-staff ratio.

At our addiction treatment center, we assist clients in defining addiction and overcoming drug and alcohol abuse.

Our focus is all about you. We’re here to help you reach long-term recovery and regain control of your life.

Breaking Free: Nationwide Access to Our Drug and Alcohol Detox and Treatment Programs

At Olympic Behavioral Health, we understand that addiction, alcoholism, and mental health can pose challenges for patients. That’s why we offer addiction and detox programs with individualized care, support, and medical supervision to help you achieve sobriety.

Our patients start with medical detox, a crucial first step towards recovery. Once detox is completed, we offer a range of rehab programs. From detox through reintegration, our team provides the support needed for lasting recovery. Check out our website to learn more about our comprehensive services.

Partial Hospitalization Program

Our program offers a secure and comfortable environment, specifically tailored to provide the necessary structure for successful recovery.

Intensive Outpatient Program

An intensive inpatient program is the natural next step after PHP and supports patients as they transition from rehab to becoming valuable contributors to society.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Poor mental health can exacerbate substance dependence, leading to self-medication with drugs or alcohol. Integrated dual diagnosis treatment and focused therapy offer a sustainable solution, promoting lasting sobriety.

Mental Health Treatment

Our Mental Health program offers attentive and comprehensive care, prioritizing personalized treatment for mental illnesses. Patients can recover in a secure, supportive setting.

Drug Detox

At Olympic Behavioral Health, we understand that addiction, alcoholism, and mental health can pose challenges for patients. That’s why we offer addiction and refer you to detox programs with individualized care, support, and medical supervision to help you achieve sobriety.

Trauma Treatment Program

Trauma can lead to depression and anxiety, increasing the risk of addiction. Because substance abuse and mental health are tightly intertwined,by reducing these symptoms, individuals can reduce their risk of addiction.

Based on 67 reviews
Matt Trainor
Matt Trainor
Spent over 2 months here. Great therapy, excellent staff who truly care. I would not be who I am or where I'm at without the help I received here. Taking the suggestions given to me here helped me in more ways than a simple Google review can say. I love you all!
Jeffrey B
Jeffrey B
Olympic was absolutely fantastic. It was exactly what I needed. Their staff and administrators were amazing, helpful and genuinely cared about the clients. I would highly recommend seeking treatment here.
Kai Tuione
Kai Tuione
I was a client here and let me tell you they went over and beyond regarding the treatment I needed. From Stephanie to Meg and Kelsey and overall the entire staff! They all will do whatever is necessary for you. Thank you for being so amazing and helping me get to where I need to be! I would recommend this for anyone with mental health or substance abuse issues. They are Top notch and I will never forget you guys. P.S. I know you all will miss me 🙂 -Kai
Yahaira Melendez
Yahaira Melendez
This is one of the best treatment facilities in Florida seriously they have a great clinical team and the therapists are amazing and they aim to see you grow and actually care about you. I can honestly say they saved my life and have been there for me through the highs and lows and never gave up. It was a blessing to be in their care ????????✊️
maggie obrien
maggie obrien
Olympic truly saved me. Meg came and recruited me from detox and really took me under her wing. The clinical team is amazing, truly cares and wants to help you get and stay sober. They have our best interest at heart. They introduced me to AA and urged me to get a sponsor. I found a sponsor and completed my 12 steps and am now living a true healthier happier life. Olympic gave me the knowledge and the experiences I need to implement in my everyday life. I am blessed and grateful i got to be a part of Olympic.
Frank Slocum
Frank Slocum
I will never forget the feeling when I hugged my brother, the sinking feeling in my stomach, thinking to myself “If he doesn’t get help, this will be the last hug from my Big Brother.” I myself have a few years in sobriety, and also have working in treatment for a bit. He committed to finally getting help, OBH has saved his life, the staff has been absolutely amazing, the trauma therapy that he has received to get him to finally face and work on that crucial piece that kept him using for so long. I have to say and give a shout out to “Meg” that works in their outreach who I believe if you looked up “altruistic” there would be a picture of her. The treatment industry doesn’t have many like her. Down to earth, speaks of recovery and what it means to truly be sober and living a good life. You can tell she is passionate about guests actually “getting it” and not returning back to treatment. I can not say enough good things about OBH, I work in this field and this is where I sent my own brother!!!! They have saved his life where he has the ability to be the son, brother, father, friend, and member of society he is supposed to be, the person he was before addiction. I hear the change in him daily, and the altruism he has is picking up on from what the staff exhibit daily there. Thank you so much for giving me my Big Brother back!!!!!!!
Tylon Lindsey
Tylon Lindsey
Olympic Behavioral Health is hands down one of the best treatment facilities in the southern Florida region. Majority of their staff are addicts in recovery themselves so the level of compassion is truly amazing. Not only are they a business that makes you feel loved like you're family but they also provide you with the tools needed to go back out into the world and live a productive sober life. Chances are if your reading this then your probably in the same shoes I was in early last year so therefore I urge you to get in touch with an admissions rep asap Meg or Kelsey. PS- If either of you ladies get a chance to read this i just want to say I miss y'all so friggin much ????️????️????️
Anthony D
Anthony D
This place is wonderful. Communicating reasonably to the staff is all you need to do to get any of your needs met. They will take the time to work with you and get you on a better path. Highly recommended.

Many plans are accepted for your convenience.

Our addiction treatment center is committed to helping those recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. We provide professional care and support to help you start your healing journey.
Insurance may not always be available so we offer alternative options to finance treatment. Trust us to provide the necessary help and support through every step of the process.

Please note that while we provide top-tier services, some major insurance plans may not include us in their network.
If you’re unsure about your coverage options or would like to learn more about available treatments, give us a call at (833) 826-9533. Our team is available to assist you!

Get help now at Olympic Behavioral Health.

Olympic Behavioral Health treatment centers have assisted thousands to overcome addiction and rediscover what is truly meaningful in their lives. Take control and empower yourself to break free from addiction today. It’s never too late to start over!


Luxury Rehab Housing for Addiction Recovery

Welcome to Olympic Behavioral Health’s Housing – your new home away from home! Our fully renovated residences provide a warm and inviting atmosphere for addiction recovery. Relax in tranquility while receiving the utmost care in our serene and therapeutic environment.

With large, fully-equipped 2-bedroom apartments, each accommodating up to 25 individuals, you will have plenty of space to focus on your treatment. Come see what sets us apart at our addiction treatment center in beautiful West Palm Beach, FL.