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Contemplating the journey post your initial call to Olympic Behavioral Health? You’ve found the perfect spot for guidance! Looking for treatment for you or a loved one can feel intimidating, and taking that first step requires courage and a strong commitment. You’ve already shown immense strength by making that call. However, you might be curious about what unfolds next. We’re here to show the process that follows that crucial, courageous first step.

The Frist Step – Calling

The journey to admission at Olympic Behavioral Health begins with a simple yet profound act: making a call. Indeed, this can be incredibly challenging—sometimes it may feel as if the phone is as heavy as a boulder—nevertheless, it’s a direct step towards seeking aid.

In the course of the call, we aim to learn about you or your loved one. We’ll inquire about family dynamics, the specific addiction concerns, and any relevant past experiences, amongst other information. We’ll also need your insurance details to ensure you have coverage for the necessary treatment.

Insurance Verification

Our addiction treatment center is committed to helping those recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. We provide professional care and support to help you start your healing journey. Insurance may not always be available so we offer alternative options to finance treatment. Trust us to provide the necessary help and support through every step of the process.
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What to Bring to Rehab in Florida with Olympic Behavioral Health | Addiction Treatment in West Palm Beach, FL | PHP, MAT, IOP

What to bring to Rehab?

To ensure a smooth and comfortable stay, it is essential to bring important documents such as personal identification and insurance information. Packing appropriate clothing and personal care items is advised to maintain hygiene and self-care during treatment. Bringing necessary medications, prescriptions, and important contact information will help ensure continuity of care.
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Olympic Behavioral Health treatment centers have assisted thousands to overcome addiction and rediscover what is truly meaningful in their lives. Take control and empower yourself to break free from addiction today. It’s never too late to start over!

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