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Brief Intervention

Brief Intervention Approach in West Palm Beach, Florida

Brief Intervention

Brief intervention therapy is a short, targeted addiction treatment that eliminates dangerous or harmful drinking behavior. Most alcoholism treatment in FL takes weeks or months. Brief intervention therapy typically consists of just a few sessions. The target population for brief intervention therapy also differs from traditional alcoholism treatment in FL. It is a method that is best used in people who do not have an addiction but yet display dangerous drinking practices, such as binge drinking. Brief interventions attempt to change those harmful behavior patterns before they crystallize into an addiction. Another common use case is with pregnant women who might otherwise put their developing child at risk by drinking.

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What is Brief Intervention Therapy?

Brief intervention is a form of therapy that helps you quit substance use and any bad habits associated with your substance use. During this treatment, you will learn more about the negative effects of drug use and find ways to change your behavior.

A therapist will determine whether you will be able to quit a substance on your own or if you will need more assistance. Brief intervention therapy uses motivational interviewing to figure out what will help you get through difficult challenges and how to use those motivators to quit a substance eventually. With new habits and a new mindset, you will be able to find new, healthy alternatives to substance use.


Brief interventions are a type of alcohol intervention delivered in one-on-one counseling sessions. A round of brief interventions maybe just a single session with the longest course of brief interventions usually topping out around four sessions. Typically, people receiving brief intervention therapy are provided educational resources to extend the learning and content delivered during an in-person session.

The therapist will usually offer follow-up after completing sessions to monitor progress and determine whether additional intervention is necessary. More often than not, brief intervention therapy is delivered by a trained clinician. However, certain college campuses have employed trained peer counselors to great effect. Brief interventions in and around West Palm Beach try to eliminate or reduce problems related to harmful alcohol consumption, such as injuries, domestic violence, legal trouble, and car accidents.

Brief interventions near West Palm Beach can be delivered in a variety of ways. Some of the most common are:

  • Through a primary care facility or hospital
  • At an emergency room
  • During prenatal visits
  • Through the criminal justice system
  • On college campuses


As noted earlier, brief intervention therapy is not used in cases of full-on addiction. Its brevity and specificity lend this method to a smaller set of scenarios where a reduction or cessation in drinking could nonetheless have a profound effect on someone’s life. For instance, it is commonly used in women who have become pregnant and need to avoid drinking not to harm the baby in-utero.

The biggest group of people who can benefit from brief intervention therapy struggle with binge drinking. Binge drinking is defined as having at least five drinks within a short period, such as a single evening or at a party. Brief intervention therapy in West Palm Beach, FL is also deployed in response to:

  • Alcohol-related injuries
  • Health problems stemming from excessive binge drinking
  • An arrest for an alcohol-related crime or driving under the influence

Routine medical screenings or standard alcohol screening tools are usually sufficient in determining who could benefit from the brief interventions approach.

Benefits of Brief Intervention Therapy

When it comes to substance abuse treatment, you want to ensure that it will be effective and long-lasting. You also want to make sure that whatever treatment you choose will allow you to work through difficult times and temptations without falling into old habits. Through many studies, it has been shown that brief intervention can be very beneficial. It can be useful by:

  • Changing bad or dangerous behaviors
  • Stopping or greatly reducing substance use
  • Raising the chances of lifelong sobriety
  • Creating a healthier lifestyle
  • Informing you about the dangers of drug use and its effects

Once it has been determined how severe your substance use disorder is, you will be able to talk with a therapist about your lifestyle and possible reasons for using drugs. You will find things that motivate you to live a healthier life and be commended for your hard work during and after recovery.


Early research indicates the brief interventions approach is most effective when delivered to a patient through someone they view as a trustworthy authority figure. Unlike other treatments, brief interventions do not allow much time for a therapist and patient to build rapport and get to know each other. That makes the presence of a pre-existing relationship important in matching a patient to who will deliver the sessions.

Another factor that seems to determine the effectiveness of brief interventions is when they are delivered. For instance, some of the best results have been seen when used as a learning opportunity for people who find themselves in tricky situations because of their drinking. That might look like employing this method with someone immediately following release from an emergency room visit because of an alcohol-related accident or while they are detained by law enforcement for an alcohol-related crime.

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