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Andrew Spahn

I have worked in the field of behavioral health for eight years. I am in personal recovery and have always wanted to help those still struggling. Today it brings me joy to see so many individuals who can get their lives back when they complete our program.

I have a BS in Accounting. Throughout my time working in the field, I have been through numerous accreditation and licensing reviews for FARR, JCAO, DCF, and DHCS.

I specialize in operations management.

My personal approach is to be kind but direct. There is no greater motivator to overcome addiction than to truly see the harm it has caused the individual and their loved ones. Seeing how one’s actions have affected others can inspire great change when realizing that it is time to lead a life of selflessness and service to others.

I constantly network with other providers in the field to stay up to date, attend various conferences, and subscribe to publications relating to behavioral health and addiction medicine.

I could not name one particular practice which is more important than others. Our program blends evidence-based modalities with holistic therapy, neurofeedback, and integrative medicine in a way that has yielded great results for our patients.

What I enjoy the most is the environment and culture of our treatment center. Our staff is wholly committed to providing enjoyable and successful experiences for each of our patients. Our patients leave us feeling like they are part of an extended family that is always there for them whenever they need support to get through difficult times.

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