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Rebecca Da Costa Kerner

I have worked in addiction treatment for two and a half years. Being in recovery myself motivated me to work in this field/profession.

My Bachelor’s Degree is in Social Work, and I am receiving my Certified Addiction Counselor certification.

My areas of expertise include substance abuse counseling and dual diagnosis treatment.

Personally, I approach treatment using inner child therapy. I understand that the experiences that we have had as children play a significant role in the behaviors, thoughts, and feelings that we have in our adult life.

I stay updated with the latest research, trends, and best practices by communicating with colleagues and completing current training and seminars.

I have found that Inner Child Therapy and CBT have been effective therapies in my practice.

I could participate in a client’s successful outcome during my field placement. This client was diagnosed with Bipolar I Disorder, and by using talk therapy and providing psychoeducation, I was able to assist them with properly managing their manic episodes.

The factor I enjoy most in working in the treatment setting is helping people who struggle with the same struggles as I did and giving them hope that they can overcome them.

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