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Megan Agostine

I’ve been working in addiction treatment for six years. What motivated me to work in treatment is being in Recovery myself. I love using my experience and knowledge to help others.

My areas of expertise include family support. Having a connection with families to support them throughout their loved one’s treatment.

I use self-disclosure as my approach. I have found that it is extremely helpful in relating to clients and their families. To show them that they’re not alone and I understand what they’re going through allows me to build a strong rapport. Getting on their level, especially clients, allows them to open up.

I work a 12-step program in my personal life to stay strong and stay up to date so I can be a recovery support for them.

I have seen clients at the lowest point of their lives completely transform into stable and wonderful human beings. It’s been the biggest blessing of this “job.”

What I enjoy most is seeing clients transform. I love to hear them tell me they don’t see their life any different and then watch them through the recovery process and the excitement on their faces. I love being a strong sober support to them as well as a support to their families. I love to answer questions, open their families’ minds, and teach them about this disease. When they thank us for being a part of their loved one’s recovery process and knowing they always have someone to call for help.

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