What to Expect in a Boynton Beach Drug Rehab

Pursuing recovery and treatment at a drug rehab center can feel overwhelming and intimidating. One way to alleviate any anxiety you might feel is to understand what to expect at a Boynton Beach drug rehab facility. Not only can this foreknowledge reduce your uncertainty, but it may also establish a better foundation for your healing journey.

Drug addiction treatment centers are not all the same. It can be worth exploring individual websites, filling out a contact form with questions, or giving them a call. Aiding your research is that the majority share many similarities that can save you valuable time.

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What You Can Expect in a Boynton Beach Drug Rehab Center

The first step at a drug rehab center is check-in. This involves completing an intake form that goes over medical history and gives them an idea of what you’re struggling with as you enter treatment. It may seem like a rudimentary, unimportant step. But check-in is the first opportunity for a drug addiction treatment center’s staff to get to know you and begin customizing a treatment plan that will give you the best chance at success. Most drug rehab takes place in 30, 60, or 90 days. Shorter may sound more comfortable and preferable, though lengthier rounds of treatment are better at producing lasting success.

After check-in comes the detox phase, detox is the process of eliminating the presence of a drug from your body. Depending on the substance in question, detox can take anywhere from a few days up to a month. Most detox periods involve some withdrawal symptoms. Drug rehab centers work hard to ensure a safe, comfortable environment for people navigating detox. Once detox is complete, the rest of the formal treatment begins.

Drug Addiction Treatment Center Therapy

Therapy is the foundational treatment method for addressing addiction. The most common category of therapy used in Boynton Beach drug rehab is individual therapy. Your treatment may also include group therapy, which is determined to be a viable option based on your personality, needs, and recovery goals.

Individual therapy is centered on identifying the root causes of addiction. It also involves a lot of personal learning. You will be challenged to analyze and understand how you became addicted, what behaviors have contributed to the addiction, and how the addiction has altered your mental and physical self. Behavioral therapies are the foremost therapeutic intervention for addiction. Cognitive-behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, and dialectical behavior therapy are a few examples. Most people meet with their therapist weekly for at least one hour. Depending on your treatment plan, the duration and frequency of therapy sessions could be different.

Family Engagement During Drug Rehab

Overcoming addiction is best done with support from family and loved ones. For many people, recovery includes repairing relational damage and fostering healthier relationships. It is also true that drug rehab is most effective when family and friends engage in the treatment process. As a result, family counseling is a common feature of Boynton Beach drug rehab.

Family therapy sessions are a chance for your family to learn more about best support you. It is also a safe space for each side to raise issues, whether your behavior and addiction have impacted them or how they have enabled your addiction or failed to provide the necessary support.

Aftercare Planning at a Drug Rehab Center

Aftercare planning is the final component of a round of treatment. An aftercare plan is designed to support you for months, if not years, following formal treatment. Leaving the care of a drug addiction rehab center is far from the end of receiving care. The best aftercare plans include:

  • An immediate next step following treatment, whether that means entering intensive outpatient treatment or sober living
  • A relapse prevention plan grounded in your unique triggers
  • Sources of support
  • Recovery resources
  • Coping strategies
  • Ongoing contact with original treatment provider

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