5 Benefits of EMDR Therapy for Anxiety

For so many people, living with anxiety means constantly feeling overwhelmed and worrying about things that you shouldn’t even have to worry about. It can lead to them missing out on social events, calling out of work, and in extreme cases, being unable to leave the house. Getting treatment for anxiety can help your mental health significantly. A newer form of anxiety therapy is EMDR therapy. Even though EMDR therapy for anxiety is not as widely used as other forms of therapy, there are known benefits for people with PTSD, anxiety, and depression.

At Olympic Behavioral Health, our team recognizes that an EMDR therapy program can be an effective treatment for anxiety. If you have gone through a traumatic event and are looking for relief, EMDR therapy at Olympic Behavioral Health may help you. People use this form of therapy to help them through difficult or traumatic situations. To learn more about Olympic Behavioral Health’s EMDR therapy program, contact us online or at [Direct].

5 Benefits of EMDR Therapy for Anxiety

1. Reduces Symptoms of Anxiety

After receiving this treatment, many people, especially those with PTSD, no longer feel the symptoms that they previously had, including:

Also, they no longer feel as much stress or depression as they once had.

2. Faster Results

Many people spend years in therapy to help work through their problems. EMDR therapy can also take a while to work, depending on your situation, but it is possible to see results in only a few sessions. This is especially useful for people who have been struggling for a long time and are looking for quicker results.

3. Less Talking About Traumatic Events

In many other forms of therapy, you will talk at length about what is bothering you and figure out how to cope with your feelings. EMDR therapy doesn’t require you to go into details about your events but instead helps you think about the event and work to change your mindset around it.

4. Reduces Chances of Relapse

It can be very discouraging to continually feel as though you have worked so hard to better your mental health, only to fall back into old habits and feelings. Many people who have gone through EMDR therapy have never had their symptoms come back, even after they have finished treatment.

5. Produces a Better Mindset

The point of this treatment is not to have you dwell on the past. It helps you dig deep into any difficult or traumatic events that you have gone through and change the way you think about them. These coping skills can help you with anything you are struggling with in the future.

The Main Objective of EMDR Therapy for Anxiety

Because it is a newer treatment, you may be wondering why EMDR therapy is becoming increasingly popular. It is especially effective for people with PTSD, though it also helps with anxiety and depression. It involves less talking than other forms of therapy such as psychotherapy and can usually be done in fewer sessions.

The point of EMDR therapy is to let the brain naturally work through events that you have difficulty processing. Instead of moving past the event, it makes you think about it and think about what was hard for you so that you can process it.

Get Help with EMDR Therapy for Anxiety at Olympic Behavioral Health

Anxiety and PTSD can feel like they are taking over your life if they are not treated. Olympic Behavioral Health wants to not only help you through recovery but ensure that the rest of your life is without major symptoms. Our team is committed to finding the best treatment plan for you. So, what is EMDR therapy for anxiety? At Olympic Behavioral Health, it’s a way for people to regain control of their lives. Learn more by contacting us online or at [Direct].

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