Revolutionize Your Recovery with Substance Abuse Therapy

Are you ready to revolutionize your recovery journey and reclaim your life? Look no further than Olympic Behavioral Health, where we provide cutting-edge substance abuse therapy to empower you to overcome addiction and achieve greatness. Our Florida-based treatment center is dedicated to helping individuals from all walks of life regain control through innovative, evidence-based, and person-centered therapy approaches. If you’re seeking a transformative experience, you’ve come to the right place. Let us guide you toward a brighter, healthier, and more fulfilling future.

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Substance abuse therapy is a crucial component in addiction recovery, as it addresses the underlying psychological and emotional factors contributing to addiction. At Olympic Behavioral Health, we utilize proven therapy approaches backed by science and years of clinical experience to provide our clients with the best possible care and support.

The Science of Therapeutic Approaches

At Olympic Behavioral Health, we understand the importance of evidence-based therapy in treating addiction. That’s why our skilled professionals are trained in several proven approaches, each tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is a highly effective therapeutic approach that focuses on identifying and modifying maladaptive thought patterns and behaviors. Through CBT, clients learn to recognize triggers, develop healthy coping strategies, and build essential skills for long-term recovery.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is a form of therapy that combines elements of CBT with mindfulness techniques. This approach helps clients manage intense emotions, improve interpersonal relationships, and enhance self-awareness, ultimately promoting lasting recovery.

Family Therapy

Family plays a vital role in the recovery process, and at Olympic Behavioral Health, we recognize the importance of involving loved ones in therapy. Our family therapy sessions help mend relationships, improve communication, and create a supportive environment for healing.

The Role of Dual Diagnosis in Substance Abuse Therapy

For many individuals struggling with addiction, dual diagnosis of mental health disorders can complicate recovery. Addressing both issues simultaneously through a dual diagnosis treatment program is essential for lasting recovery.

The Benefits of Treating Co-Occurring Disorders

Clients can better understand the complex interplay between addiction and mental health by addressing substance misuse and co-occurring disorders concurrently. This comprehensive approach helps to ensure that clients receive the care they need for both issues, maximizing the chances of lasting recovery.

Types of Dual Diagnosis Mental Health Disorders

Various mental health disorders can co-occur with substance abuse, requiring specialized therapy and support. At Olympic Behavioral Health, our team is equipped to handle various dual-diagnosis cases.

Substance Abuse Therapy for Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety are common mental health disorders that often co-occur with substance abuse. Our therapists are skilled in providing targeted therapy to address clients’ challenges with these co-occurring issues.

Trauma-Informed Care and Its Impact on Recovery

Trauma can be a significant factor in the development of addiction, and at Olympic Behavioral Health, we are committed to providing trauma-informed care to promote healing and recovery.

The Connection Between Trauma and Addiction

Recognizing the link between trauma and addiction is essential in providing comprehensive care. Our trauma-informed approach ensures clients feel safe, supported, and respected as they navigate their recovery journey.

Support for Military and First Responders

We are dedicated to providing specialized support for military personnel, veterans, and first responders who have experienced trauma, even post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and are struggling with addiction. Our tailored programs and therapies address these brave individuals’ unique needs and challenges, ensuring they receive the care and respect they deserve.

Integrating Trauma-Informed Practices

At Olympic Behavioral Health, we incorporate trauma-informed practices into all treatment programs. This approach helps to create a supportive environment where clients can process their experiences, build resilience, and move forward on their path to recovery.

As you can see, Olympic Behavioral Health offers a comprehensive and innovative approach to substance abuse therapy that sets us apart from other treatment centers. Our dedication to evidence-based, person-centered care ensures that each client receives the support they need to achieve lasting recovery. If you’re ready to revolutionize your recovery journey and create a brighter future, we encourage you to reach out to our team of compassionate professionals today. Together, we can help you overcome addiction and reclaim the life you deserve. Don’t wait any longer – take the first step towards a better life by contacting Olympic Behavioral Health now.


Substance Abuse Therapy at Olympic Behavioral Health

At Olympic Behavioral Health, we understand that each person’s journey to recovery is unique. That’s why we offer a variety of comprehensive substance abuse therapy programs tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. With a combination of evidence-based therapies and compassionate support, we empower individuals to overcome addiction and achieve lasting wellness.

PHP – Partial Hospitalization Program

Our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) provides clients intensive, daily therapy in a structured setting. This program is an ideal option for those who require a high level of care and support during the early stages of recovery.

Tailored Therapeutic Interventions

substance abuse therapy, substance abuse disorder, substance abuse treatment, substance abuse, substance misuse, substance use, floridaIn our PHP, clients receive a personalized treatment plan that incorporates a variety of evidence-based therapeutic interventions. These may include individual, group, and family therapy and specialized modalities such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and trauma-informed care. We help clients build a strong foundation for lasting recovery by addressing their unique needs and challenges.

Building a Solid Foundation for Recovery

The PHP at Olympic Behavioral Health provides clients the therapeutic support they need.  PHP equips them with essential coping skills and strategies. These tools empower individuals to navigate triggers and stressors in their daily lives. Partial hospitalization programs help with ongoing wellness and reducing the risk of relapse.

IOP – Intensive Outpatient Program

Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) offers a flexible treatment option for clients who have completed a higher level of care.  They may still need support while maintaining their personal, professional, or educational responsibilities.

Combining Flexibility and Effective Therapy

The IOP at Olympic Behavioral Health perfectly balances flexibility and therapeutic effectiveness. Clients participate in therapy sessions multiple times per week, which can be scheduled around their commitments. This format allows individuals to continue receiving the support they need while gradually transitioning back to their everyday lives.

Supporting Continued Progress

In addition to therapy, clients in our IOP benefit from ongoing support and resources to help them maintain their progress. This may include access to support groups, educational workshops, and referrals to additional services as needed.

MAT – Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) is a comprehensive approach.  MAT combines medication with therapy to address addiction’s physical and psychological aspects.

The Role of MAT in Substance Abuse Therapy

Medication can be an effective tool in managing withdrawal symptoms and cravings. The underlying psychological factors contributing to addiction must also be addressed. Our MAT program integrates therapy, ensuring clients receive the support they need to make lasting changes.

Addressing the Psychological Aspects of Addiction

Through individual and group therapy sessions, clients in our MAT program gain insight into the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that drive their addiction. They can develop healthier coping mechanisms and work towards long-term recovery by addressing these issues.

OP – Outpatient Program

Our Outpatient Program (OP) provides clients with ongoing therapy and support as they continue their journey to sustained wellness.

Ongoing Therapy for Sustained Wellness

In our OP, clients continue to participate in individual and group therapy sessions, reinforcing the skills and strategies learned during earlier stages of treatment. This ongoing support helps individuals maintain their recovery progress and face everyday life’s challenges with confidence.

Lifelong Skills and Support

At Olympic Behavioral Health, we believe that recovery is a lifelong journey. Through our Outpatient Program, we empower clients with the skills, resources, and support they need to achieve lasting wellness and lead fulfilling lives free from the grip of addiction.


The Olympic Behavioral Health Difference

Our unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and client success sets Olympic Behavioral Health apart from other addiction treatment centers. Our comprehensive substance abuse therapy programs are designed to address each client’s individual needs. At the same time, our team of highly skilled and compassionate professionals works tirelessly to provide the highest quality care.

Skilled and Empathetic Professionals

At Olympic Behavioral Health, our team is our greatest asset. We employ a multidisciplinary staff of addiction specialists, therapists, and support personnel dedicated to helping clients achieve lasting recovery.

Expertise in Substance Abuse Therapy

Our therapists are well-versed in the most effective evidence-based addiction treatment modalities for substance abuse therapy. They continuously update their knowledge and skills to stay on the cutting edge of addiction treatment, ensuring our clients receive the best possible care.

Commitment to Client Outcomes

The success of our clients is our top priority. Our team works closely with each client to develop a personalized treatment plan addressing their needs, goals, and challenges. We provide ongoing support and encouragement to help clients overcome obstacles, build resilience, and achieve lasting recovery.

Person-Centered and Holistic Approaches

At Olympic Behavioral Health, we believe a truly effective substance abuse therapy program must address the whole person – mind, body, and spirit.

Customizing Substance Abuse Therapy for You

We take a person-centered approach to treatment, which means we tailor our therapy programs to each client’s unique needs, preferences, and goals. This personalized approach ensures clients receive the most effective and relevant interventions for their situation.

Nurturing the Mind, Body, and Spirit

In addition to providing evidence-based therapies, Olympic Behavioral Health offers holistic services to support clients’ overall well-being. These may include yoga, meditation, nutrition counseling, and other complementary therapies that nurture the mind, body, and spirit.

Embracing Cutting-Edge Therapies and Techniques

We continuously explore and integrate cutting-edge therapies and techniques into our programs to provide the most innovative and effective substance abuse therapy.


Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) is a powerful therapeutic technique that has been shown to be effective in treating trauma and PTSD, which are often underlying factors in addiction. By incorporating EMDR therapy into our substance abuse therapy programs, we can help clients process and heal from past traumatic experiences, significantly improving their chances of long-term recovery.


Neurofeedback is a non-invasive therapy that uses real-time feedback on brain activity to help clients learn to self-regulate their brain function. This innovative approach has been found to be effective in treating a range of conditions, including addiction, anxiety, and depression. By including neurofeedback therapy in our substance abuse therapy programs, we offer clients a powerful tool for promoting lasting change.

The Recovery Capital Index

The Recovery Capital Index (RCI) is a groundbreaking assessment tool that measures a client’s recovery capital – the internal and external resources they have to support their recovery. By using the RCI, our therapists can better understand each client’s unique strengths and challenges, allowing us to tailor our substance abuse therapy programs to maximize their chances of success.



How Olympic Behavioral Health Supports Recovery

At Olympic Behavioral Health, we understand that achieving long-term recovery from addiction requires ongoing support and dedication. Our comprehensive approach to substance abuse therapy extends beyond the walls of our treatment center, focusing on relapse prevention, life skills development, and maintaining connections with our alumni network. This holistic approach ensures that clients have the necessary tools and resources to maintain their sobriety and continue to thrive in their recovery journey.

Relapse Prevention and Life Skills Development

Our substance abuse therapy programs strongly emphasize preparing clients for life after treatment by teaching them essential coping strategies and life skills to support their continued recovery success.

Create Your Relapse Prevention Plan

One of the most crucial components of long-term recovery is having a personalized relapse prevention plan in place. Our therapists work closely with clients to identify their triggers, stressors, and high-risk situations that may challenge their sobriety. By developing a tailored plan that includes coping strategies, self-care practices, and support networks, clients can confidently navigate their lives after treatment, knowing they have the tools to avoid relapse and maintain their recovery.

substance abuse therapy, substance abuse disorder, substance abuse treatment, substance abuse, substance misuse, substance use, floridaBuilding Essential Life Skills

In addition to relapse prevention, our substance abuse therapy programs focus on helping clients develop essential life skills that promote personal growth, independence, and overall well-being. These skills may include effective communication, stress management, time management, financial planning, and healthy lifestyle habits. By mastering these life skills, clients are better equipped to face the challenges that may arise, ultimately supporting their continued sobriety and success.

Alumni Programs and Ongoing Support

At Olympic Behavioral Health, we recognize the importance of maintaining connections and ongoing support after clients leave our treatment center. Our alumni programs and resources ensure that clients continue to have access to the support they need to thrive in their recovery journey.

Staying Connected with the Recovery Community

Our alumni programs allow clients to stay connected with their peers from treatment, fostering a supportive recovery community that can last a lifetime. Through regular alumni events, workshops, and online resources, clients can continue to share their experiences, learn from others, and grow together in their recovery journey.

Embracing Lifelong Growth and Achievement

We believe recovery is a lifelong process, and our commitment to clients does not end when they leave our treatment center. Olympic Behavioral Health encourages alumni to continue their personal growth and achievement by providing access to resources, educational opportunities, and ongoing support. By embracing lifelong learning and self-improvement, clients can maintain their motivation and dedication to sobriety while achieving their personal and professional goals.


Begin the Transformation with Substance Abuse Therapy

Taking the first step toward recovery can be intimidating, but Olympic Behavioral Health is committed to making this process as smooth and supportive as possible. Our comprehensive substance abuse therapy programs are designed to address each client’s unique needs and help them embark on a transformative journey toward wellness and achievement.

Taking the First Step To Substance Abuse Therapy

At Olympic Behavioral Health, we understand that reaching out for help can be challenging. Our compassionate team is ready to guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

Contacting Our Dedicated Team

Our knowledgeable and empathetic staff is just a phone call away, eager to help you learn more about our substance abuse therapy programs and discuss how our approach can benefit you or your loved one. Contact us today to start a conversation that could change your life forever.

Assessing Your Needs and Goals

Each person’s journey to recovery is different, and our team is committed to understanding your specific needs and goals. Our thorough assessment process allows us to develop a customized treatment plan. The plans address the unique challenges you face and support your long-term recovery.

The Substance Abuse Therapy Admissions Process

We strive to make the admissions process as straightforward as possible. We guide you every step of the way and provide the necessary support to start your transformation. Use our contact form to start the process.

Verifying Insurance

Our team will work with you to verify your insurance coverage. Together we will determine the benefits available for substance abuse therapy. We collaborate with most major insurance providers.  We’ll help to navigate the complexities of insurance coverage to ensure a smooth admissions process.

Exploring Other Payment Options

If insurance doesn’t cover the full cost of treatment, we can discuss alternative payment options. We help clients find the solution that works best for their financial situation. Our goal is to ensure that cost doesn’t stand in the way of your recovery journey.

Creating Wellness and Achievement

With the support of our expert team and evidence-based substance abuse therapy, you can unlock your potential and embrace a brighter future.

Unlocking Potential with Substance Abuse Therapy

At Olympic Behavioral Health, our dedicated professionals and comprehensive substance abuse therapy programs can help you overcome addiction, rebuild your life, and achieve lasting recovery. It’s time to unlock your potential and embrace the possibilities that lie ahead.


Start Substance Abuse Therapy in Florida

If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, don’t wait long to start your transformative journey. Contact Olympic Behavioral Health today to verify your insurance and begin the admissions process. Our compassionate team is ready to help you overcome addiction through substance abuse therapy in Florida, and achieve lasting recovery, empowering you to create the life you’ve always envisioned. Call us at (833) 826-9533 and take the first step towards a brighter future by calling Olympic Behavioral Health today.


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