How do Doctors Treat Patients for Substance Abuse in Florida Rehab?

Substance abuse in Florida is a complex disorder that can impact many aspects of a person’s life, such as their health, relationships, career, and daily habits. It requires personalized modalities and drug and alcohol addiction treatments in Florida that address the issue’s various symptoms, root causes, and impact on the patient’s life. There are different causes and associated risk factors of substance use, including:

  • Genetic vulnerability; family history of substance dependence.
  • Getting addicted to alcohol or narcotics at a young age.
  • Having easy access to substances
  • Exposure to heavy marketing of drugs and alcohol, primarily through movies and social media.
  • A current diagnosis of mental health.
  • Low parental involvement. 
  • Unfavorable family environment; constant family conflict or violence.
  • Past trauma, neglect, or abuse.

Can Substance Use Disorder be treated?

Substance abuse in West Palm Beach, FL, is a treatable medical condition. While no single method to treat substance use works for everyone, many different substance use disorder treatment programs are available. Generally, the first step in addiction treatment in Florida is detoxification. This process safely rids the body of alcohol or drugs and ensures a smooth transition into formal addiction treatment in FL. People who have used solid substances for an extended period will require a medically supervised rehab program so that doctors can monitor the withdrawal symptoms and ensure the person’s comfort and safety. Acute withdrawal can induce dangerous side effects, such as blackouts, seizures, high blood pressure levels, and hallucinations. Some patients will be sent directly from detox to addiction therapy, while for others, it might be better to start treatment at the start of the rehab program. Due to its effectiveness, behavioral therapy, including individual and group counseling, are core aspects of substance use disorder treatment. Staying in drug and alcohol rehab in Florida and completing the recommended length of the treatment is necessary since studies show better outcomes associated with longer rehab durations. The patient and their healthcare providers work closely to decide the appropriate size of the treatment. After the treatment, patients will have an aftercare plan that promotes long-term recovery by preventing relapses. This program can include individual therapy, sober living houses, and/or peer and community support groups. Such programs are designed to help patients become valuable members of society while learning essential life skills. Social support from friends and family can help in protecting against any fallbacks once the initial rehab program has been completed. 

How do Doctors Treat Patients with Substance Abuse in a Florida Rehab?

Substance abuse is a disease that can be better controlled with the help of a specialist. The doctors who treat substance use disorder generally specialize in addiction also referred to as Addiction Psychiatry or Addiction Medicine. Addiction Medicine is a specialty in which different physicians can become board-certified to practice. These include internists, psychiatrists, family medicine, and emergency doctors.

Doctors who treat addiction are highly skilled and knowledgeable in identifying and dealing with patients’ symptoms. People addicted to hard drugs for long periods require intensive medical supervision due to their severe withdrawal symptoms. Pain is one of the lasting symptoms of withdrawal that requires close therapeutic attention. It is important to understand the different solutions to pain management when treating substance abuse to deliver the best results. 

A doctor who treats patients with an alcohol addiction must be an expert in liver function problems, as these are common issues associated with alcoholism. Healthcare providers should also have a deeper understanding of the different side effects that can occur during detoxification. Knowing the right medicines and their correct dosage to eliminate withdrawal symptoms is something substance abuse doctors must learn to receive their certificate in addiction medicine. 

Doctors treat patients with substance abuse as part of the rehabilitation program in three main steps:


Diagnosing substance abuse disorder requires a comprehensive assessment and generally includes an analysis by a psychologist, psychiatrist, or licensed drug or alcohol counselor. Urine, blood, or other tests are required to evaluate drug use, though they are not addiction diagnostic tests. 

Treatment for Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Florida

Even though there is no cure for substance abuse disorder, there are different rehab options available that can help you overcome it and remain sober. The treatment option will depend on the substance you used, the length of time it was used, and any related mental or medical health problems you may have. Regular long-term follow-up is necessary to prevent any relapses in the future. Rehab programs for substance abuse disorder typically offer:

  • Individual, family, or group therapy sessions
  • A focus on understanding the type of addiction, its underlying causes, and the correct ways of preventing it
  • The type and level of care and environment will differ depending on your personalized needs, including inpatient, outpatient residential, and partial hospitalization programs. 

Aftercare/Ongoing Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment in West Palm Beach, FL

Once the initial addiction treatment in West Palm Beach, FL, has been completed, the next step is aftercare or ongoing addiction treatment. This part of the treatment will provide you with the tools and skills required to stay on track and prevent relapses. Follow-up care can include regular appointments with your doctor, attending regular group meetings, or continuing in an individual self-help program. It is important to inform your healthcare provider as soon as you notice any signs of a relapse. 


Overcoming substance use disorder and staying substance-free requires consistent willpower and effort. You must adopt new habits, make appropriate lifestyle changes, and surround yourself with the right people. Seeking professional help is the quickest and most effective way to leave your old life behind and turn over a new leaf. You can start discussing your addiction with your doctor or search for the best substance recovery centers in Florida. 

Get Professional Help for Substance Use Disorder today!How do Doctors Treat Patients for Substance Abuse in Florida Rehab?

Olympic Behavioral Health combines cutting-edge addiction treatment methods with a compassionate environment to promote long-term recovery. As part of the drug and alcohol rehabilitation program in FL, you will be working alongside clinicians who will assist you in setting recovery goals, tracking your progress, and providing the right aftercare tools to prevent relapses. For more information, get in touch with us today, and our experts will be able to better guide you. 

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