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To register a grievance at Olympic Behavioral Health, LLC, the following steps will be followed:

  • Resident and family members shall be informed of their rights and responsibilities during orientation, have knowledge of the grievance system, be assured that they could file a grievance at any time, and be knowledgeable of where the notice of grievance is located and where the forms are.
  • Level 1: Resident is encouraged to discuss any problems with the Recovery Residence Administrator. The resident and administrator will try to find a resolution.
  • Level 2: If the resident is not satisfied with the results, the resident will meet with the CRRA and a decision will be made within ten (10) days. The decisions made at this point are considered final and will be submitted to the resident in writing with in 24 hours of the resolution made by the CRRA. If the resident is dissatisfied at this point the resident has a right to submit a grievance to FARR.
  • FARR Phone Number: 561-299-0405; Website:


To submit a grievance through FARR please visit:

It is the policy of The Florida Association of Recovery Residences (FARR) to ensure Certified Residences and stakeholders grievances are handled respectfully, appropriately, and professionally. The Formal Grievance Procedure should be used to resolve interpersonal conflict between individuals and to report issues with existing FARR policy that a Certified Residence believes should be examined prior to the next scheduled annual policy review meeting. The Formal Grievance Procedure should not be used for retribution or personal/agency gain. The Formal Grievance Procedure includes but is not limited to the investigation, validation, and recommendation of the Ethics Committee as to the standing of the Certified Residence and sanctions and/or disqualification of their certification to the FARR Board, when necessary.



  • All information, notes, reports, transcripts, and any other documentation of any kind that are generated or received during the course of an ethics investigation, including the ethics committee meetings, and appeal hearings, shall be kept confidential by FARR
  • The respondent is entitled to a full and complete copy of the following:
  • Compliant; (Subject of compliant / grievance; Identity of complainant / grievant will remain confidential);
  • Investigative summary;
  • Ethics Committee’s Recommendations;
  • FARR Executive Board Recommendations
  • The complainant is entitled to a full and complete copy of the following:
  • Ethics Committee’s Recommendations;
  • FARR Executive Board Recommendations.


  • In all cases, the Chairman of the FARR Ethics Committee will direct ethics investigations under the supervision of the FARR Executive Director;
  • If a member of the Ethics Committee is a party in a grievance or involved in any way, he or she will be excused from the grievance proceedings;
  • If a member of the FARR Executive Board is a party in a grievance or involved in any way, he or she will be excused from the grievance proceedings.


  • Possible sanctions for the violation of the FARR Code of Ethics or Standards include but are not limited to:
  • Written Reprimand: A Written Reprimand with request for Corrective Action and follow-up review;
  • Summary Suspension: Summary Suspension with request for Corrective Action and follow-up review;
  • Revocation;
  • Denial of Application for Certification with FARR.
  • The Ethics Committee may consider the applicant’s or agency’s past history in regards to ethical sanctions and disciplinary actions when determining the appropriate sanctions for the current ethics case.
  • A third offense, confirmed by the Ethics Committee, in a two-year period will automatically result in an immediate summary suspension and sanctions shall include a suspension or revocation of Certification.


It’s important to follow the grievance or complaint procedures carefully and to document all pertinent facts, dates and information when filing a report or claim.

  • Step 1: Filing
  • A Formal Grievance should be filed within 30 days of when the complaintant became aware or suspected the violation of ethics or standards. The Formal Grievance should be documented on the FARR Formal Grievance Form; Verbal grievances will not be acted upon.
  • Step 2: Submission
  • The FARR Formal Grievance Form should be submitted to the Executive Director of FARR, or if a perceived conflict exists, to the Chairman of the FARR Ethics Committee;
  • Step 3: Notification of Receipt
  • Grievant should be notified by email or telephone within 3 business days of the Executive Director’s receipt of the grievance. The Executive Director of FARR forwards a copy of the Grievance to the Chairman of the FARR Ethics Committee for review and discussion;
  • Step 4: Investigation
  • Within 30 days of receipt of the written compliant, the FARR Ethics Committee will complete an objective investigation of the matter and record the findings in writing;
  • An extension of no more than 30 days may be granted for investigations that take longer than the initial 30 day timeframe. No member of the Ethics Committee or Executive Committee shall intentionally try to stall, prolong, or delay proceedings. The complainant /grievant and / or respondent may be requested to appear separately in front of the Ethics Committee. Written notice of the time and date will be sent to the grievant at least 10 days prior to the hearing.
  • Step 5: Presentation to the Board
  • FARR Ethics Committee presents to the FARR Executive Committee at the next scheduled meeting. The presentation shall include the compliant / grievance; investigation summary including an objective account of everything that transpired to result in the grievance and as well as anything that have occurred as a result of the grievance, and the recommended action to be taken;
  • Step 6: Board Decision / Recommendations
  • FARR Board of Directors will discuss and make a formal recommendation for vote at the next general meeting. A report of the findings, voting results, and corrective actions to be taken will be provided to the grievant via email within 14 business days after the general meeting. The proceedings will be recorded in general meeting minutes to keep official record;

The above Grievance Policy, procedure, and process can be found at:

To file a Grievance please visit:

Certified Residence

Office: 561-299-0405

Fax: 888-374-2043

Email: [email protected]

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