Why You Should Consider Matrix Model Treatment for Your Loved One

Struggling with addiction can mean different things for different people. It can mean isolating yourself or having a tough time managing your social and professional life. No matter what your situation is, it is difficult to quit.

Quitting a substance is not something you should go through alone. It is important to have a professional who has compassion and patience on your side. If you or a loved one are living with a substance abuse disorder, then you may benefit from Olympic Behavioral Health’s Matrix Model treatment program, where you will receive the care you need to reach sobriety. To learn more about our Matrix Model treatment program, contact us online or at [Direct].

What Is the Matrix Model?

The Matrix Model for substance abuse treatment is used to help someone with an addiction reach sobriety through coaching and different forms of therapy, including group therapy. They will work with a therapist to learn about the dangers of addiction and learn ways to prevent relapsing. The therapist will be a guide and unbiased support system throughout treatment.

With careful monitoring by a medical professional and therapy treatments, the goal is to quit substances completely and remain sober. You will be able to achieve all of your goals related to recovery through positive reinforcement.

How the Matrix Model Works

The Matrix Model is particularly beneficial due to the positive and supportive relationship between the therapist and client. The therapist will work to educate you on the harmful effects of substance abuse, as well as assist you with the proper guidance for recovery. There is a lot of positive reinforcement used, which helps to keep you motivated.

Aside from working with a therapist one-on-one, you will also go through different areas of treatment, including:

  • Family education – This program educates the family on the effects of drug use on the individual and their family.
  • Relapse prevention – You will come up with strategies on how to stay sober and combat cravings in relapse prevention.
  • Social support – A group of people will be able to help each other through recovery and also enjoy each other’s company in a sober environment.
  • Group therapy – Work with a group of people to develop strategies for sobriety and offer support.
  • Early recovery – This group gives you the skills that you need to work through cravings and difficult times you may have during recovery.

Having the support of a group of people who are in similar situations as you is a great way to get helpful advice, as well as feeling less alone. The Matrix Model relies on not only the support of a single medical professional, but also peers and loved ones.

Does the Matrix Model Work?

Through many studies, the Matrix Model has proven to be a very useful technique for people struggling with a substance use disorder. While you do learn a lot about the ramifications of drug use, you also learn beneficial tools to learn how to become and stay sober, as well as receive the support of many people.

Because this is generally used in an intensive program, you get to work on your recovery often and diligently. You will also take frequent urine drug tests to ensure that you stay sober. The combination of working one-on-one with a therapist and working in groups has shown great results for a healthy future.

Find Support in Addiction Treatment at Olympic Behavioral Health

At Olympic Behavioral Health, we want to make sure that you achieve recovery and maintain it. Our staff will work with you to get you the treatment you need. If you or a loved one are struggling with a substance use disorder, then contact us for help at [Direct] or online.