The Value of Group Therapy in West Palm Beach, FL

Group therapy for substance use disorder in West Palm Beach, FL, can be an excellent choice when looking to make positive changes in your life. Among the many options available for personal mental health guidance is group therapy. Group therapy engages five to fifteen patients with at least one therapist. Generally, groups meet for an hour or two each week. Some patients will spend additional time with an individual therapist, while others work only in group therapy.

There are a variety of targeted group therapy topics which include substance abuse or misuse, anxiety, depression, eating disorders, PTSD, or even improving social skills. Some group therapy focuses on loss such as losing a loved one. 

The Value of Group Therapy in West Palm Beach, FL

Group therapy vs individual therapy

Talking among a group of strangers about personal fears and problems can sound overwhelming at first. Psychologists and therapists say that group members, in nearly all cases, feel amazed that group therapy is such a positive and fulfilling experience. Sessions within groups allow you to have a network of listeners that act as a sounding board.

Not only will you be able to tell your story and seek advice and support, but you’ll hear the stories of others and be able to put your own problems into perspective. In group therapy, you hold others and are also held accountable for the actions you take.

Anonymity and diversity in group therapy in West Palm Beach, FL

People often do not want to speak about mental health concerns with those they know, so group therapy in Florida becomes an outlet to speak about your deepest concerns in a place of no judgement and without fear of shame or embarrassment. As you hear the stories of others through group therapy in West Palm Beach, FL, you’ll come to realize that you aren’t alone.

Another benefit of group therapy in West Palm Beach, FL, is that not everyone has the same life experience. Hearing the stories of others and telling yours to people from a variety of backgrounds who have very different personalities creates a wide variety of diverse views of the world. Group therapy helps you see how others are handling their problems giving you a wide range of strategies and solutions that can help you make positive changes in your life.

Group therapy vs Self help

Finding solutions that bring positive change in your life can be time-consuming to do alone. Working with therapists in group therapy allows you to learn through the experiences of others at a pace that couldn’t be achieved alone, or often even in individual therapy. Self-help books and resources take time and while they are done at your own pace, the challenge to absorb the experiences is very different than learning directly from the people you’ll meet in group therapy.

Reading about a case study or example of life change, even when the methods and strategies are proven, isn’t the same as spending time with a therapist in a group. Within a group you can hear the details of the problem and then how the solution and positive change have affected a real person. The expert therapist can guide you through the strategies and help you build positive change into your own life.

The Value of Group Therapy in West Palm Beach, FL

What is the right group for me?

When you look for a group you should ask several questions to determine if it’s right for you.

Is the group open?

An open group will always accept new members who wish to join. Closed groups are usually patients who have all started at the same time and work through their recovery process together from the start of group therapy. For example, many group therapy programs are a set 12-week program. In the case of a closed group, you may need to wait until the next group begins or an appropriate group opening is available.

What should I share in group therapy?

While there is no guarantee of privacy within groups, confidentiality is one of the most important standards set within group therapy. Use common sense when disclosing private information. 

In group therapy, remember that you aren’t the only one discussing personal information or sharing your story. Group therapy works best when everyone is honest and open to freely communicating with all members of the group.

You may start out strangers, but in time you will value the members of your group as trusted resources and appreciate their support.

Is group therapy adequate?

In addition to group therapy, many people find individual therapy helpful. Participating in individual psychotherapy at the same time as group therapy can increase your odds of successfully implementing the changes you desire become lasting. 

Sometimes people experience a slowdown or stall in individual therapy. Joining group therapy can jump-start your journey and provide new momentum to personal development.

Will there be people like me?

While there are many types of groups, it is important to find people with similar difficulties. Group therapy members can have a wide variety of backgrounds. When you find a group that is solving the problems you’re facing, regardless of anything else, you’re likely in a suitable group.

How many people will be in the group?

Finding the right group size is like Goldilocks and her soup. Finding the group therapy group that is ‘just right’ isn’t hard. Smaller groups permit more attention to each individual while larger groups offer a wider range of experience and viewpoints. Talk to your therapist or doctor about which might be better for you,

Group Therapy Support

If you are looking for a unique experience that offers many perspectives and has the support of expert, professional therapists and psychologists, take time to find the right program and the right group. We are always ready to support your journey and to help you make positive changes in your life.

Addiction treatment programs, like Olympic Behavioral Health in West Palm Beach, FL, can help you or your loved one take the next step in your addiction treatment recovery journey. Our experts understand the steps of addiction recovery and can speak to you or your loved one about the treatment options that are available. To speak to someone or check your insurance benefits and see which addiction treatment program is best for you, call (833) 826-9533.

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