Substance Abuse Treatment in FL: What is the Motivation to Seek it

Substance use disorder is a severe mental health condition that involves compulsive drug use despite its adverse effects. Its impact is not limited to the primary consumer but extends to close friends, family members, and other loved ones. Some of the symptoms of substance abuse include, among others:

  • Feeling a compulsive urge to consume drugs or alcohol regularly – once or multiple times a day
  • Needing larger quantities of the same drug as before to induce the same effects
  • Taking larger amounts of the drug over a longer timespan than intended
  • Ensuring that you always have a supply of substances available for consumption
  • Spending copious amounts of money on drugs or alcohol, despite not being able to afford it
  • Avoiding personal and work commitments or cutting down on social or recreational activities due to drug use
  • Consuming substances, despite their harmful effects
  • Doing things to acquire the drug that you generally wouldn’t do, such as stealing or lying 
  • Making erratic and risky decisions when under the influence, for example, driving while intoxicated
  • Spending a reasonable amount of time obtaining the drug, using it, or recovering from its effects
  • Failing to limit or stop consuming the drugs
  • Experiencing serious withdrawal symptoms when taking a break from using drugs

When to Seek Substance Abuse Treatment in West Palm Beach,FL?

Substance Abuse Treatment in FL: What is the Motivation to Seek itAddiction is sometimes harder to recognize within ourselves and others who we love. Possible signs to look out for include:

  • Problems at the workplace or school: frequently missing work or school, a sudden disinterest in school or work-related activities, or a sharp decline in performance. Frequently creating problems with colleagues could also be a sign of intoxication.
  • Problems with physical health: Lack of motivation and energy, sudden changes in weight or appetite, disturbed sleep patterns, bloodshot eyes, and slurred speech are some physical consequences of substance abuse.
  • Shabby and unkempt appearance: Poor hygiene, lack of interest in clothing, looks, or grooming.
  • Unusual behavior: cutting off interaction with family members and friends; preferring isolation and being secretive about their actions. 
  • Financial issues: always running low on money without a reasonable explanation; lying or stealing money from family or friends to support their substance consumption.   

Motivation to Seek Substance Abuse Treatment in West Palm Beach, FL

Recovering from substance abuse in West Palm Beach, FL, is a life-long process that requires professional help combined with self-discipline and willingness to change. To accelerate progress, professional treatment must use personalized techniques and the right tools to overcome significant challenges and rebuild relationships within the community. 

While going to rehab to seek treatment is nobody’s ideal situation, there are many reasons why engaging in a comprehensive treatment program in FL can improve your overall recovery experience. 

Freedom from substance cravings

One of the most damaging consequences of drug addiction is how a substance can overpower a person’s whole life. The fear of breaking the vicious cycle and experiencing the associated symptoms is usually too great to promote any favorable action. An addict’s main worry revolves around having a sufficient drug supply, which leaves little to no room for anything productive. 

However, substance use treatment helps you regain control of your life, allows you to indulge in healthier habits, and rediscover your purpose. It creates room for healthy and fun hobbies that can take your mind off substance abuse.

Rebuild Relationships

Addiction can lead to broken trust, anger, hatred, or guilt in relationships, thus significantly impacting their quality. Rebuilding damaged relationships is one of the critical components of recovery as it helps the patient make amends with their loved ones and starts their self-healing. Addiction treatment uses several tools and techniques, such as family therapy, to educate loved ones about addiction and teach them new ways to strengthen their bond. 

Improve Physical Health

Substance abuse affects a person’s overall physical health by creating various issues. Depending on the type of substance used and its duration, a range of health problems may develop with long-term consequences. For example, alcohol abuse is known for creating severe liver disease, pancreatitis, and gastritis. Excessive drug abuse is linked with cancers, heart disease, and stroke, among other problems. A treatment program can help you abstain from substance use, giving your body time to recover from the induced damage. Sobriety can drastically enhance your mental functioning, boost energy levels and improve your overall health. 

Improve Mental Health

Besides damaging physical health, substance abuse can significantly deteriorate your mental health due to its side effects. Alcohol and drugs rewire the brain and teach it to prioritize substance use over all else, which can bring a great deal of anxiety and depression. A typical addiction treatment plan will revolve around fighting your mental health issues and the addiction itself, which can help you discover any stressors and eliminate them from their root. 

Strengthen Self-identity

Many people find that sobriety allows them to rediscover their true selves. When drugs or alcohol are an individual’s primary motivator and area of interest, other hobbies andSubstance Abuse Treatment in FL: What is the Motivation to Seek it creative activities might fall behind. When sobriety is achieved, people have more time and energy to pursue other activities that will make them happy and keep their minds occupied. For this reason, a substance use treatment program in West Palm Beach, FL, can help you explore new interests and discover your passion. Moreover, support group meetings and collective therapy can help you create life-long friendships, which is a fundamental part of recovery. Addiction patients usually lose friends and damage their relationships with people around them. Finding new people to call your own in the treatment program can significantly help boost confidence and keep your mental health in check. 

Recover Safely 

Starting your sobriety alone might seem tempting, but it is not always a safe option. Substance abuse treatment in FL, in a safe and medically-supervised environment, is essential to prevent any dangers and discomfort during withdrawal. An addiction treatment program in West Palm Beach, FL, will ensure you recover in a safe, supportive and comfortable environment where help is always accessible.

If you are ready to begin your recovery journey in FL, contact Olympic Behavioral Health for comprehensive addiction treatment plans that closely fit your needs.      

Addiction Treatment in West Palm Beach, FL

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