How Long are Drug Rehab Programs in West Palm Beach, FL

Deciding to start addiction treatment for substance use disorder in South Florida is the first step in the recovery process that will help deal with its root causes. There are many different drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs available in FL that vary in length and will depend on the personalized needs of the patients and the level of care they require. There are both short-term and long-term rehab options available, but there is no one-size-fits-all duration length. A medical detox that rids the body of any substance remnants and regulates withdrawal symptoms can last anywhere from a couple of days to a few weeks. The main reasons that affect the duration of a drug rehabilitation program in FL include:

  • Insurance coverage and cost: The length of stay may be limited due to the affordability factor and your insurance coverage. If your insurance covers the entirety of the treatment, then you can easily afford to participate in a more extensive rehab program.
  • The level of required care: Depending on your substance history and the addiction severity, the length of your rehab will vary. 

Other factors, such as family responsibilities and jobs, may affect the length of stay a person chooses to pursue. 

How long are Drug Rehab Programs in FL?

If you are considering participating in a drug rehab program in South Florida, you must wonder how long the recovery process will last. While no set duration applies to all rehabilitation programs, the option you choose will depend on your specific needs and financial capacity. Common lengths of stay for drug rehabilitation include:

Short-term Drug Rehab Programs

How Long are Drug Rehab Programs in FL? A short-term rehab generally lasts less than a month and will always be less than 90 days in a residential treatment facility. Within that timeframe, you can expect three-day programs, approximately 10-day rehab programs, or even programs that last up to a few weeks. 30-day rehab programs are a common choice for patients with mild to moderate addiction as it gives them sufficient time for recovery. In certain cases, individuals are given important insights regarding why they need to continue the rehab beyond the 30 days. During this rehab process, the therapy provided comprises mental and physical care in a way that helps the patient heal. Addiction recovery is a long-term process that should not be rushed, especially if the condition is serious. 

60-day Treatment Program


Drug detoxification is medically removing harmful substances from a person’s body. The main factors determining the length of time required to cleanse an individual’s body include age, amount of substance consumed, length of time the substance was used, and overall health. If you are looking for an effective drug detox, then a 60-day intensive care rehab is the best option. These include tailored sessions involving friends and family members, which can accelerate healing. Two months at any recovery center gives the person enough time to undergo a complete detoxification from alcohol and drugs. 

During a 60-day drug rehab program in West Palm Beach, FL, you will go through an intake analysis to collect all the relevant information regarding your age, substance use and history, and other important information. You may also be given certain medications such as Naltrexone, Methadone, Disulfiram, and Topamax to regulate the withdrawal symptoms in a controlled setting. Afterwards, you will step down to a PHP or Partial Hospitalization Program in South FL.

90-day Treatment Program or Intensive Outpatient Program in West Palm Beach, FL

If you are experiencing serious substance abuse issues, a 90-day drug rehab program is an ideal addiction treatment option offering comprehensive substance abuse recovery. Within this intensive outpatient program in South Florida, you will live in a sober living or home while attending addiction treatment sessions during the day. This will allow you more flexibility to oversee any personal responsibilities and, at the same, indulge in intensive care. You will also benefit from a supportive community either at home or in the facility that will hold you accountable for your progress. 

Some 90-day treatment programs start the process in a residential addiction treatment program setting and then transfer the patient to an intensive outpatient program in South Florida as they progress. Your specific Florida addiction treatment plan might vary depending on your personal needs and the recovery center you choose. 

Long-term Addiction Treatment Programs in Florida

Long-term drug rehab generally includes addiction treatment programs that last between six months and two years. These programs include residential addiction treatment programs, which entail patients living 24/ 7 in an addiction recovery facility for the entire duration of their treatment. These addiction treatment programs have medical personnel on the premises all the time to provide patients with the appropriate support. How Long are Drug Rehab Programs in FL?

Long-term drug and alcohol rehab programs in Florida are ideal if you require intensive care and/or have a higher probability of experiencing a relapse. Long-term addiction treatment allows patients to learn valuable coping skills in a safe and comfortable environment that they can use once the drug and alcohol addiction treatment in South Florida has ended. 

Five and Seven-day Drug and Alcohol Detox Program in Florida

These are very short detox programs where patients are rehabilitated with the help of professional supervision and medications. However, these programs are not a substitute for “treatment” and offer an easy route for people who either cannot afford proper rehab or have time constraints due to personal obligations. 

Which Drug Rehab in FL is Best for You?

The length of the drug rehab program in South Florida that you choose will largely depend on your needs and substance history. The most common length of stay is 30 days, but for people with serious substance use disorder, this time might not be enough to yield the right results. If you have a milder addiction, you may be able to attend an outpatient program that can last between 8 and 10 weeks and allow you to stay at home while completing the treatment during the day. If you have a more serious case of addiction, you might need to opt for a 90-day or longer residential treatment program, where you will be living in the facility 24/7. 

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