How Does an Addiction Treatment Center in FL Help?

Recovery from substance use disorder in West Palm Beach, FL, requires time, effort, self-discipline, and support. The specifics of every individual’s journey will differ depending on their personal needs, history, and addiction severity. Finding an addiction treatment center in FL starts by being honest with yourself and those around you. Honesty allows you to assess the situation and seek help accordingly. 

For many, admitting they have a problem with drugs and alcohol is an overwhelming experience since it could mean losing their job or a relationship. Remember that no matter challenging it gets, getting professional help is the only way to turn your life around for the better. Being at the bottom is an empowering and humbling place since it pushes you to go nowhere but up.

How Does an Addiction Treatment Center in FL Help?You might be thinking that addiction recovery can be done on your own. Still, it is essential to remember that this process is a life-long one that requires rigorous self-discipline and professional supervision. Getting professional help for drug or alcohol addiction in FL means you can pick from various treatment programs. Substance abuse recovery is imperative for complete recovery as it offers patients the right tools to overcome addiction and prevents future relapses. In Florida, you can search for intensive outpatient programs, partial hospitalization, evening IOP, and virtual PHP. If you or a close one is dealing with substance use disorder, it is best to seek help immediately before the problem spirals out of control. A personalized addiction treatment program in FL that closely considers the patient’s needs is the ideal way to recover fully. 

When you decide to enter a professional drug and alcohol treatment program, you will start a journey through four main stages of rehabilitation as you learn to develop a sober and healthy lifestyle. These include:

Initial Treatment

You will first undergo treatment initiation when you choose a drug rehab program. Choose an addiction treatment center in FL. In the early days of rehab, you will doubt giving up that lifestyle, and you might think your addiction is not as bad as others. Do not fall prey to this attitude since denial can be your worst enemy in the initial days of your recovery. During this step, the fundamental goal is to help you decide if you wish to actively participate in the treatment program and accept abstinence as the ultimate goal. To help you accomplish this, an addiction counselor may assist with the following:

  • Analyze the damaging effects of substance use.
  • Explore feelings of denial concerning the addiction and help overcome those feelings.
  • Help become more motivated and ready to make positive changes.

During this treatment phase, your drug and alcohol use history will be analyzed, the treatment plan will be introduced, and the addiction counselor will work closely with you to draft a personalized treatment program. 

Early Abstinence 

After you have decided to continue the addiction treatment, you will go to the subsequent recovery stage, called early abstinence. This is perhaps the most challenging stage of the program due to the following reasons:

  • Consistent withdrawal symptoms 
  • Physical cravings for the substance 
  • Stressors that can trigger a relapse

How Does an Addiction Treatment Center in FL Help?Challenges during this phase usually include social pressure to consume drugs or alcohol and high-risk situations that can lead to a relapse. During this phase, your addiction counselor will start teaching you the important coping skills needed to lead a sober lifestyle. The techniques and tools you receive will assist you throughout the recovery process. Early abstinence issues generally targeted include the psychological and physical aspects of withdrawal, learning to correctly the triggers, and how to effectively handle substance cravings without consuming them. Certain techniques that can be especially helpful include:

  • Looking for alternative hobbies and interests than turning to drugs or alcohol
  • Encouraging engagement in healthy activities, such as cooking, meditation, and sports
  • Taking part in self-help support groups that provide the correct information and assistance
  • Identifying environmental triggers that result in relapses, including things, places, and people

Maintaining Sobriety 

After three months of consistent abstinence, you will move to the third phase of the recovery process. If you are part of a residential program, you will now be moved to the aftercare or follow-up stage on an outpatient basis. One core focus of this phase is maintaining abstinence by preventing any relapses. You will be taught all the red flags and the preventative measures you can take to avoid any setbacks. You will learn new tools and coping skills that will help you:

  • Rebuild healthy relationships
  • Prevent substituting addictions
  • Develop a substance-free lifestyle and habits
  • Learn money management skills

The third phase of a rehabilitation program can last up to 5 years of sobriety, after which the aftercare will conclude. 

Advanced Recovery

After almost five years of continued substance abstinence, you will finally reach the last stage of the rehabilitation program. During this period, you will combine all the tools and skills you learned throughout the addiction treatment program and apply them to your real life to live a healthy, happy, and fulfilling lifestyle. This can be achieved by setting long-term goals and creating an environment that helps you achieve those goals efficiently. During this stage, you will be expected to form social relationships with people who will not put you off track and support you in your journey. Participating in various recreational activities and creative hobbies that allow you to feel happy without relying on drugs or alcohol is another critical aspect of the advanced recovery phase.

Find an Addiction Treatment Center in FL

Drug and alcohol rehab centers in FL, such as Olympic Behavioral Center, help people overcome drug addiction by using a mix of resources, therapies, and support. Furthermore, they help patients process self-healing and make positive changes. These changes can include prioritizing self-care, letting go of toxic relationships, indulging in fulfilling activities such as meditation and yoga, cooking healthy meals, and living in a sober environment without any stressors. For more information about the different addiction treatment programs, contact us today. We will happily guide you with the right plan depending on your personalized needs and substance history. 

Addiction Treatment in West Palm Beach, FL

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