Group Therapy Activities for Addiction in West Palm Beach, FL

What is Group Therapy for Addiction Treatment in Florida?


Group therapy for addiction treatment in Florida includes at least one psychologist or psychotherapist, sometimes more, and anywhere from five to fifteen patients. Generally, each group of patients is facing the same challenges that you are facing. In group therapy, you’ll be guided by experts to gain insights about yourself and the world around you. Using the experiences of others, you’ll be able to study issues that worsen addictive disorders.


Group Therapy Activities for Addiction in West Palm Beach, FLGroup therapy often brings together people from many walks of life with a wide range of life experiences. This provides broad access and you can learn from other patients as you’re guided by professionals to improve your circumstances and make positive changes in your life.


The group dynamic offers hope that you can make positive changes in your life. Honest feedback is encouraged, and you’ll learn to develop your communication skills and make bonds with others through your shared experiences. You can be inspired by the recovery of others and feel and offer support for good behaviors. Group therapy gives structure and a safe environment to hectic and frenzied lives. Groups provide the opportunity to practice new skills as you explore conflict and better understand your responsibilities and limits.


What happens in Group Therapy in West Palm Beach, FL?


Group Therapy happens in many different ways. Sometimes it can be intimidating because you don’t know what to expect. Many clients need time to hear what others are saying before they feel comfortable speaking up. This is very normal, and you aren’t alone if you’re uncomfortable sharing right away. Be open to the idea that you’re here to focus on your recovery.


10 things that may happen in group therapy


  • Discuss what you are grateful for and why?

  • Making lists of activities to do instead of using substances. How can you prevent cravings? What can you do when you feel cravings?

  • Discuss nutrition and how to eat healthily. Make lists of your nutrition goals and discuss how you can achieve them.

  • Practice anger management skills. How can you keep anger under control? What makes you angry? How can you prevent getting angry?

  • Discuss forgiveness. Who would you like to forgive? What would you say to them? How would you like them to respond? What can you do if they don’t respond in that way?

  • Practice meditation. Breathe deeply and close your eyes trying to completely clear your mind.

  • Share emotional stories. Everyone should work to identify the emotions they felt. Talk about how hard it can be to identify emotions in yourself and in others.

  • Do somatic exercises flexing and releasing your muscles one at a time. As you release the muscle tenseness, discuss the value of releasing anger and letting it go.

  • Imagine you anonymously were given a million dollars, what would you do? A billion dollars? How would you spend it and why?

  • Talk about how substance abuse or misuse makes mental illness worse and vice versa. Dual diagnosis helps us identify patterns between the two in our life. Is treating both at the same time effective? Why or why not?


The Benefits of Activities in Group Therapy for Addiction West Palm Beach, FL


Group therapy for addiction in West Palm Beach, FL. can be a breakthrough tool that helps you make positive, long-term changes in your life. Groups can help you to lead a substance-free life. They offer a judgment-free space where your group members and therapist or psychologist show acceptance and give you validation.


Confidential and open discussions allow recovery groups to learn together from one another and vent if needed. In group therapy, Group Therapy Activities for Addiction in West Palm Beach, FLyou can discuss things that might otherwise cause a crisis. Your therapist and group members will give honest feedback and support on your unique situations and challenges.  Peer-to-peer groups let you know that everyone has an understanding of what you’re going through and what it is like to have and be recovering from an addiction.


Through group therapy activities you’ll build trust and should feel more comfortable talking to and engaging with the group members. Activities in group therapy will help you get in touch with your feelings. You’ll be better able to express yourself and your feelings in a more productive way.


Group therapy can be an important method for recovery from addiction, improved mental health, and dual diagnosis, and can supplement individual therapy.


Group Therapy Support for Addiction in West Palm Beach, FL


If you are looking for a unique experience that offers many perspectives and has the support of an expert, professional therapists, and psychologists, take time to find the right program and the right group. We are always ready to support your journey and help you make positive changes in your life.