Choosing the Brief Intervention Approach for Your Therapy

When drug use becomes habitual, it can be very hard to quit. It can take a long time, and you might be worried about relapsing. The best way to safely and successfully become sober is to seek treatment. There are many options for treatment, and it is important to find something that works for you.

If you are looking to rid your life of drugs, you might consider the brief intervention approach. Through this approach, you will be able to learn ways to quit any substance use completely. If you are interested in this treatment style, contact Olympic Behavioral Health at [Direct].

What is Brief Intervention Therapy?

Brief intervention is a form of therapy that helps you quit substance use and any bad habits associated with your substance use. During this treatment, you will learn more about the negative effects of drug use and find ways to change your behavior.

A therapist will determine whether you will be able to quit a substance on your own or if you will need more assistance. Brief intervention therapy uses motivational interviewing to figure out what will help you get through difficult challenges and how to use those motivators to quit a substance eventually. With new habits and a new mindset, you will be able to find new, healthy alternatives to substance use.

Benefits of Brief Intervention Therapy

When it comes to substance abuse treatment, you want to ensure that it will be effective and long-lasting. You also want to make sure that whatever treatment you choose will allow you to work through difficult times and temptations without falling into old habits. Through many studies, it has been shown that brief intervention can be very beneficial. It can be useful by:

  • Changing bad or dangerous behaviors
  • Stopping or greatly reducing substance use
  • Raising the chances of lifelong sobriety
  • Creating a healthier lifestyle
  • Informing you about the dangers of drug use and its effects

Once it has been determined how severe your substance use disorder is, you will be able to talk with a therapist about your lifestyle and possible reasons for using drugs. You will find things that motivate you to live a healthier life and be commended for your hard work during and after recovery.

How Brief Intervention Works

Now that you know what brief intervention therapy is and its benefits, you probably want to know the process. Different people require different levels of care depending on their dependence levels, but a few steps make up this specific approach.

You will first go through a screening to determine how severe your substance use is and if you will be able to find ways to quit or reduce substances alone. After that, the therapist will go over ways to change your behaviors. After some time of coming up with motivators and quitting or reducing your substance consumption, the therapist will decide if you are ready to use what you have learned outside of treatment. Finally, you will come up with goals you have for yourself and develop ways to reach those goals.

The goal of these sessions is to get you to help yourself eventually and achieve abstinence on your own.

Getting Treatment for Substance Use Disorders at Olympic Behavioral Health

At Olympic Behavioral Health, we are committed to getting you treatment that will lead you to a healthier and happier life. Our team of specialists will help you come up with ways to reach your full potential and help you reach all of your goals. If you are looking for an addiction treatment center in Boynton Beach, Florida, contact us at [Direct].

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