5 Surprising Benefits of a PHP

If you’re considering professional help to overcome an addiction, you may have encountered partial hospitalization programs (PHPs).

This addiction treatment program in Florida involves intensive care and frequently focuses on mental health support.

A PHP in FL may be the right path to recovery for clients struggling with addiction or a co-occurring condition. Are you looking for a partial hospitalization program in Boynton Beach, Florida? Contact Olympic Behavioral Health today.

What Is a PHP in FL Like?

A PHP, as mentioned above, is a structured mental health addiction treatment program offered to clients struggling with addiction or a dual diagnosis. A program like PHP has scheduled sessions, often running for several hours during the daytime. These sessions happen anywhere from three to five days per week. Clients participate in these scheduled sessions during the day and return to their homes at night.

PHPs are a step down from inpatient programs, which provide 24-hour care in rehab facilities or psychiatric hospitals. Some clients are recommended PHPs to prevent the need for an inpatient program in the future. PHP benefits many clients through different situations and can be the best choice for recovery.

What Are the Benefits of a PHP in Florida?

1. Access to One-on-One and Group Therapy

One of the significant PHP benefits that clients experience immediately is personalized behavioral health care. While participating in a PHP, clients work with therapists one-on-one and in a group setting. The former will focus on teaching clients about their addictions, working on their specific mental health needs, and developing new skills to cope with negative behaviors, feelings, and thoughts. The latter allows clients to practice their new skills in a safe environment and meet and possibly make friends with peers who are going through the same difficulties.

2. Easy Transition Back into Everyday Life

Some clients needing addiction treatment or another type of mental health treatment require full-time care and support to stabilize their symptoms and reduce their risk of harm to themselves and others. However, clients whose symptoms don’t need 24-hour supervision or who’ve recently completed an inpatient program may benefit from the intensive and focused care that an outpatient PHP offers.

As an outpatient program, a PHP provides an easy transition back to day-to-day life while giving clients structure and support. As clients spend evenings and weekends in their homes, they also transition back into being independent and in control of their schedules.

3. Effective and Affordable Care

The benefits of PHPs are often connected to the type of treatment they provide, but the affordability of PHPs, compared to inpatient programs, must also be considered a significant benefit. PHPs aren’t as costly as residential or inpatient options, but the care clients receive just as intense and effective. Clients that need intensive treatment but not 24-hour medical supervision may benefit from PHPs. However, they must have a safe, secure, and supportive home environment.

4. Efficient and Intensive Treatment

PHPs offer a level of care that’s a step above what clients expect from traditional outpatient programs. PHPs offer affordable costs without requiring participants to commit to living in a rehab facility or hospital. In many cases, a PHP compromises addiction treatment intensity and client freedom.

While participating in a PHP, a client can maintain part of their day-to-day routine—during evenings and weekends. However, this freedom doesn’t come at the cost of less efficient treatment. The treatment sessions on weekdays last for a significant period and often include practicing multiple forms of therapeutic care.

5. Regular Interactions with Mental Health Professionals

Sometimes, clients can get frustrated or lonely while participating in a mental health treatment program. This could be because they don’t understand the types of therapeutic care they’ll encounter. However, PHPs benefit clients in a way that reduces this tendency to get frustrated or lonely. Clients spend a reasonable amount of time in PHP sessions with mental health professionals, even though they don’t have access to 24-hour care as clients in residential programs do.

The treatment these professionals provide in PHPs is not just practical and efficient but also comprehensive. Clients can interact with the professionals treating them and express their frustrations and lonely feelings. Even if they don’t, these professionals often have conversations with clients that touch on treatment updates and check on how clients are responding to the PHP sessions so far.

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