3 Signs You Need Drug Detox

Millions of Americans struggle with a substance abuse disorder every year—unfortunately, just a small percentage of people who need treatment access addiction treatment at a specialized facility. Many factors play a role here. One of them is that it can be hard for people to admit they have a problem that deserves intervention.

Even among users who recognize something is wrong, it may be difficult to determine when their substance use calls for drug detox. If this sounds like you or someone you love, understanding the signs you need drug detox can inform an honest assessment of whether or not you need drug detox treatment.

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Defining Dependency, Addiction, and Tolerance

When it comes to dealing with substance abuse in yourself or someone you love, knowledge is power. Knowledge alone won’t solve the problem, but it can equip you with the tools necessary to understand your problem and figure out the best strategy for dealing with it. This starts by defining dependence, addiction, and tolerance. Each of these three concepts is distinct though intertwined.

First, simply using a substance does not result in addiction. Many people who use drugs recreationally do not develop an addiction. Moreover, some people may develop dependence but not the behavioral hallmarks of an addiction. It’s important to understand each stage:

  • Dependence: Dependence is the body’s physical changes in response to drug use over time. This is most clearly seen during withdrawal. When the body is deprived of a drug it has come to rely on, it cannot function normally. Hence, withdrawal symptoms appear as the body fails to adjust without the presence of the drug.
  • Addiction: Addiction is a chronic disease wherein someone regularly uses a dangerous substance. That means it is a lifelong challenge to manage and deal with an addiction. Addicted behaviors include regular, strong cravings for a drug and a lack of control over drug use even after negative consequences for drug use occur.
  • Tolerance: Tolerance is when a drug becomes less effective over time as the body adapts. This can result in people needing to use a drug more often or in higher doses to produce the original effect they became attached to.

Signs You Need Drug Detox

People suffering from a substance abuse disorder usually display various signs. These can be physical, mental, and social. Each category of signs you need drug detox is explored below.

Physical Signs

The first physical sign to look out for is tolerance. That’s when you need to take more and more of a drug to produce the same effect. It is a clear indication that addiction, or at least dependence, is building in your body. Insomnia is another common symptom of many different addictions. Lastly, changes in appearance such as worsening hygiene, weight gain, or weight loss can also point to a substance use disorder.

Mental Signs

The biggest mental sign you need drug detox is when you have tried to stop drug use but have been unable to because of psychological reasons. In some ways, this inability to stop could overlap with the physical signs, as withdrawal symptoms may be a roadblock to quitting a drug. Another typical mental sign is continuing to use drugs even if it is causing a deterioration in your health. Finally, another common mental sign is using drugs as self-medication. In many cases, that’s where drug use begins. But it can continue to be the catalyst for continuing drug use, particularly in a dual diagnosis where a mental health disorder is also present.

Social Signs

One of the biggest social signs that you need drug detox treatment is the state of your relationships. Mood and behavior changes resulting from addiction are likely to affect relationships, causing strain and damage negatively. Other social signs that call for pursuit of drug detox include:

  • Giving up hobbies or passion projects
  • Experiencing legal trouble resulting from drug use
  • Denying a problem exists even when confronted directly
  • Changing friend groups to facilitate drug use or access

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